Q. Are your products made in a peanut-free plant?

A. Items produced in our St. Louis ice cream plant which have plant # 29-277 stamped on the carton or imprinted on the wrapper indicates that it was produced in a peanut free facility. Because we operate two different plants, one which does manufacture products using peanuts, we can’t guarantee all packaging is compliant since production can sometime change from location to location without notice.

If you are concerned about nut allergy products, use caution and check individual product packaging for specific information. Be allergy safe.


Q. Does your ice cream contain any growth hormones or antibiotics?

A. Never! Because we’re part of the Prairie Farms Dairy family, we can guarantee that the milk we get from the cows on our farms are raised without artificial growth hormones and absolutely no antibiotics. We only use 100% real dairy because that’s what makes the best tasting ice cream!


Q. Are your products kosher?

A. Almost all of our products are certified kosher and meet the stringent guidelines required. If a product contains ingredients that prohibit certification, then the CRC logo will not appear on the nutrition label.


Q. What is Ice Cream Specialties? I thought you were part of Prairie Farms?

North Star is the brand name of our line of frozen treats. Ice Cream Specialties is our manufacturing company name. Prairie Farms is our parent company.


Q. I have an ice cream truck and want to sell your products. How can I get them?

A. We can help with that! Just complete our request for product information form and someone will contact you immediately. We recommend a 3 month lead time for summer products, so don’t wait to place your order. Click to Contact Us