Sundae Cones Multi Pack

Classic sundae cones in one box. Original vanilla, fudge and caramel cones made with real ice cream. Artificial flavor added. Includes 8 of each variety.

Sundae Cups Multi Pack

Vanilla ice cream cups and vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce sundae cups. 12 of each. Made with real ice cream. Artificial flavor added.

Super Bar Variety Pack

Real ice cream bars in four varieties: Fudge bars, chocolate eclairs, old recipe bars and strawberry shortcake bars. Six of each included.

Super Slice Party Pack

Real ice cream sliced into squares for easy serving. Perfect for parties and quick creative desserts.

Variety Pack

Includes 12 chocolate coated ice cream bars, 4 fudge core sundae cones, 4 vanilla sundae cones, 10 neapolitan ice cream sandwiches and 10 original ice cream sandwiches. Artificial flavor added. All made with real ice cream.